The “normal holiday” just doesn’t appeal to you?? Does the experience mean more than the tan? Want to get out there, be involved in your trip and want to experience a country and its culture rather than just visit it? Then you are ready for…Wicked Expeditions

We start at the very destinations we visit – they are an adventure in themselves. Nearly all these locations that we visit do not have western infrastructure or amenities, resulting in changed plans, unusual complications and chaotic situations. That’s what we thrive on, that’s what we are here for!

Join one of our Expeditions means you will have the added security and peace of mind that results from being part of a small group. Our expertise in arranging the trips helps to remove the stress and hassles that can occur when trying to organize a trip of this nature, allowing you more time and freedom to enjoy your adventure. Our knowledgeable and experienced expedition guides will be there to help you get the most out of your trip and to help make it one to remember. So get out there, wander in the streets and markets, meet the local people and get acquainted with the world – it’s all part of the Wicked Adventures experience!

We personally manage and run Wicked Adventures from our base Camp in Indonesia. We are the actual company running your overland trip. Our friendly team are committed to providing you with a high level of service. They have considerable knowledge and experience of traveling and have a passion and an enthusiasm for their work and for the countries and places we visit.

Upcoming Expeditions:

Hammerhead Shark Diving Expedition: Diving, adventure (October 2016)

Spearfighting Festival: Culture, adventure, surfing (February 2017) (Founders Trip only)

WWII wreck exploration: Diving, exploration, adventure (July 2017)

Jungle Survival and wild Orangutan data collection on Sumatra

Thresher Shark research in Eastern Indonesia

Tropical Orca Research Expedition: Adventure, exploration(October 2017)

Hammerhead Shark Diving Expedition: Diving, adventure (October 2017)

Who joins an expedition with Wicked Adventures?

Our groups are made up of adventurous people from all walks of life and nationalities who are seeking to experience different cultures, challenging experiences and remote locations with like minded travelers.

Trip Cost and Local Payment

We try to include all costs in our prices. There are exceptions. National Park admission fees are not included. We are sorry, and wish we could! These parks are run by the governments where we visit and the admission price and policy can very wildly. It is also standard practice to pay these fees in cash, which can lead to corruption. We believe that this experience should be shared with each guest…not hidden. And we strongly urge each of our guests to make comments on these practices and fees directly to the governments and agencies involved.

Optional excursions and activities

Optional excursions and activities can be organized before, during and after your trip – you can decide while traveling which activity you may want to do. We find that many of our guests discover a location/activity/community that they feel passionately about. Please look through our menus too see if we can arrange a unique excursion for you!